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How To Attract & Retain Younger Technicians

Posted by David Thiemecke on 1/11/18 3:28 PM

Finding and keeping a solid reliable staff is difficult in every industry, however it seems there is always a need for one or two more techs in the field service industries. Job loyalty isn’t anywhere near where it used to be so finding new talent and retaining current employees can be an uphill battle. As older techs are retiring there needs to be a refreshed workforce.

Let’s  look at how technology can help you attract and retain new and younger “millennial”  technicians to your home services business

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Product Highlight: Acquire

Posted by Greg Dooley on 1/9/18 1:45 PM

How much more business would you gain if you could present proposals in a Good, Better, Best format?

Well, Pointman’s proposal and presentation mobile app, Acquire lets you easily design and build custom proposals using pre-made templates or from scratch. When you give customers a choice, such as: "Good, Better, Best" they have more control of their decisions. 

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Is Your Distributor A Resource? They Should Be!

Posted by David Thiemecke on 1/3/18 4:19 PM

Where do you to turn for support? 

Have you you thought of using your distributor as a way to grow your business? Because when you think about it, your distributor wants your business to succeed as much as you do; if you are getting paid faster and turning more jobs, you’ll be buying more. They win too!

If your current interactions with your distributor are only to submit orders, take delivery, and pay bills, you’re missing on an opportunity.

Let’s cover 5 things you need to know when you make your distributor a resource...

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Set Business Goals

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 12/27/17 8:30 AM
As we get ready to say goodbye to 2017 and hello 2018, it’s time to look at your business goals and all the things you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Most people think of a New Year’s resolution as something personal, but it's a perfect time to set resolutions for your business as well.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Need to Set Business Goals:

  1. Measure your success: Knowing where you started and how far you have come is important to the perspective and growth of your business. It’s hard to see your business growth from a day to day standpoint, however, when you measure growth and profitability you understand the big picture.
  2. Leadership & Teamwork: Setting goals is good for both your leadership team and your staff to find ways to work together. When everyone understands the end goal; your team’s work together and understand management decisions and priorities.
  3. Knowledge is Power: When you set a goals and actively monitor your progress you gain insights to your business. You’ll be able to better understand implications of decisions made by tracking errors and successes.
  4. Focus: Setting specific goals allows you to focus what is most important to your business. By concentrating your efforts, you’ll hone in on what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish each goal.

Now that we have some background on why setting a goal is important for your business, let’s dive into five common New Year’s Resolutions for businesses. Hopefully, you’ll find something that resonates to your business in 2018 goals. 

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The Power of Reviews - How Much Is a 5-Star Review Worth to Your Company?

Posted by Luke Collard on 12/21/17 4:29 PM

Positive word of mouth is the best form of marketing for most businesses. Good reviews are a way that people can relate to your business without having a friend or contact having used your product or service before. In our previous blog, Help with Yelp - Making the Best of Your Reviews. we talked about a business’s relationship with Yelp, or other review sites and how to manage expectations with potential customers.

Read this post, where we discuss how to address the reviews - both positive and negative with your internal staff.

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