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Top 6 Reasons Your Field Service Company is Losing Customers to Someone Else

Posted by Keelin Burke on 4/19/17 3:57 PM

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Customer relationships are sacred. One wrong move can quickly send even a loyal customer searching for a new company to use in the future. Sometimes there are clear indications that a customer is ready to jump ship, other times the reasoning is more subtle, however to the customer - it means everything. Situations like negative customer experience or poor job completion are obvious reasons why a customer would choose to move on, however sometimes there are more factors at play.

You’re not showing them that you care

It may seem that it should go without saying, but when you’re dealing with multiple customers a day who may already be frustrated, kindness can go a long way. Even if the job you’re on happens to be the fourth one of its kind that day, it’s important to make each customer feel validated for the problem they’re experiencing and reassure them that you’ll get the job done.


You’re not accommodating or understanding of their schedule

While field service jobs can certainly be unpredictable at times, reducing long windows can make a huge difference when trying to retain customers. It’s frustrating for anyone to have to set aside hours, even entire days to wait for a field service professional to show up. Customers will appreciate the accuracy in scheduling, and running on a more organized schedule can help the business, as well. Many field service softwares provide dispatch and scheduling options to make it easier to reduce large service windows and boost communication across the board.


You don’t bother to educate them

Multiple returns and fixes on the same job for the same customer are not only annoying, they can also give the impression that you didn’t do it right the first time (even when that’s not the case.) Educating customers on how to prevent the same issue in the future is extremely important for your company’s reputation, and also prevents customers from straying because of what they see as a job gone wrong. Plus, it shows the customer that you value their satsifaction and comfort more than their money. 

Your Techs Aren't Prepared for the Job

Coming ill-prepared for a job, not having the proper tools or equipment, or having little knowledge as to what the problem is before arriving on site, are all reasons a customer could choose not to return to your company in the future. Customers want to feel reassured that techs are aware and prepared to fix the issue before they arrive at the customer’s home. Many field service management apps allow techs to carry job information with them while they’re on-the-go. Plus, many of these update in real-time allowing techs to receive minute-by-minute updates on a specific job so they can be prepared and ready to work when they arrive without any kinks.


You present them with confusing, messy, or even lost paperwork

From time to time we all forget pens, drop our clipboards on the way to the job, and lose necessary forms. While this is certainly an issue for the job’s data collection, not presenting customers with presentable and prepared documents appears unprofessional and unorganized and can certainly turn customers off for future jobs. Choosing a field service software that provides the ability to create proposals, work orders, contracts, and more directly in-app can substantially improve the way you collect data and interact with customers while on the field. Not only will your techs always have what they need on hand, but they’ll also be able to make appropriate changes based on the specific job to suit the needs of the customer and the business. No printer or pens required.

You’re not keeping up with modern times

We’ve talked a lot about how field service software can help with the day-to-day challenges of dealing with customers. As we move further and further into the digital age, customers expect more streamlined ways of doing business. Switching to a field service software rather than relying on antiquated ways of management is beneficial for both companies and customers. It provides an organized way of recording and saving information, communicating with coworkers and back office, and creating solutions for field service businesses to run smoother than ever.

At Pointman, we provide field service software solutions that help businesses to go paperless, streamline operations, improve communication, and increase sales. Sign up for a free demo and learn how Pointman can help you retain customers and bring your business into the digital age.

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