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Adding Mobile Technology to SuccessWare21

Posted by Adam Smith on 9/27/16 3:40 PM


Mobile technology is shaping culture around the world at an ever-increasing pace.  Whether you’re setting your fantasy football lineup at the last minute on the way to the game or catching up with that cousin of yours you haven’t seen in ten years and her adorable new baby, mobile technology allows us to be connected, informed, and precise in our everyday lives.  Why wouldn’t you transfer such capabilities to your business? Mobile Technology is revolutionizing the way field-service companies operate, boosting profitability, accountability, and customer satisfaction.  Here’s a short list of how combining SWRemote with SuccessWare21 can give your company an advantage in today’s uber-competitive environment.

 1. SWRemote is Easy to Use

When you are ready to begin we personally walk through setup and connection to your existing SuccessWare21 system.  We understand that change can be scary, especially when integrating new technologies.  Let us help you!  Also, using SWRemote in the field is a snap combined with our included training and ongoing support staff.  You’re never alone, and we can prove it.

 2. SWRemote is Flexible

We’ve been doing this for a while, we know that every business is different.  Whether it be the pricebook, workflow, parts used, or specific forms needed for each job upon completion, we’ve got your back.  Our team takes pride in its ability to listen to customer requests and stay flexible.  We want to make you more efficient, not put you in a box of our design.

 3. SWRemote Speaks to SuccessWare21 in Real-Time

Want to see how Bob’s call is going?  Simply open it in SuccessWare21 and you’ll see all important information updated in real-time.  Is he running behind schedule?  Keep your lines open for incoming customer calls as he updates you right through the SWRemote application.

4. SWRemote Allows for Quick and Accurate Reporting

 Does your customer have old equipment? Did your tech suggest a replacement?  In a few minutes you can log and report on specific call-to-call scenarios for every customer.  Ultimately your team can be as well informed as if they were on the last ten calls to that location themselves.  An informed team is a team ready to service AND sell.

5. SWRemote is Risk-Free

 No two-year agreements, no cancellation fees.  Give us three months to show you how we can help streamline operations and improve sales. We believe in our product and think you will too.   


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