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Andy Bagner

Andy Bagner
Andy was promoted onto our sales team as an account executive in 2015. Andy was our first dedicated full-time sales support specialist. Andy spent over 10 years in the field as a service technician, and he probably would have retired by now if he had been using SWRemote! He brings an unmatched level of knowledge and familiarity about the day-in-the-life of contractors in the field and how they are managed in the office.

Recent Posts

7 Ways to Strengthen Communication with Technicians in the Field

Posted by Andy Bagner on 7/10/18 4:54 PM

Get to the Point | Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Use Job Notes - Make sure you have a set way to get information to your techs where they KNOW to check.

  2. Offer incentives - Everybody wants to be rewarded for doing something right!

  3. Set Expectations - Know when to text, or when to call. Know how often you want to communicate with the field, and make sure everybody is on the same page.

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Tags: Employee Recruitment & Retention

Dispatching with Mobile Technology

Posted by Andy Bagner on 2/16/17 12:44 PM

A service dispatcher is one that comes with a variety of responsibilities and requires a distinct skill set. Essentially, a dispatcher acts as the middleman between customers and the service technicians. Communicating with customers, setting up services, relaying information to workers, and keeping careful records of services and transactions. Below is a comparison how the daily routine of a dispatcher is different when service technicians are using mobile technology.

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Tags: Product - SWRemote, Scheduling & Dispatch

SpotLight Form: California Home Improvement Contract

Posted by Andy Bagner on 2/13/17 3:34 PM

For a home services company, a contract is one of the most important tools they can have to help them have a successful home services business. In California, a written contract is required for all home improvement projects over $500. A home improvement contract and any changes made to that contract must be in easy to understand, legible formatting, and inform the customer of his or her rights to cancel or rescind the contract. Scout, powered by Pointman can help home services companies digitalize their contracts, which helps open the lines of communication between them and their customers, as well as help them follow California Law.  Below is a quick look how Scout can make your management of contracts better.

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Stop Service Contract Revenue Leakage

Posted by Andy Bagner on 9/13/16 3:50 PM


As a HVAC service technician on Long Island, I always dreaded the awkward moment with the customer when I was trying to figure out if the labor rate, dispatch fee, or parts were covered by the service contract.  Without readily available contract information, I was stuck, leadin to unnecessary customer frustration. Time and time again, our service department was leaking revenue, and before our service department could drive new service revenues, it needed to stop the bleeding. There are a variety of causes and effects of service contract revenue leakage, which generally reside in operational processes and technology issues. The first step in fixing the revenue leakage is understanding how and why it happens.


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Streamline Operations with SWRemote & These Time Management Techniques

Posted by Andy Bagner on 8/8/16 2:27 PM

With football season around the corner, no football player wants to get out on the field without a solid plan and neither should your service technicians.  Bolstering service technicians' productivity is a goal every service manager and owner tries to achieve, but if you don't yet have a plan, then your plan should be to make a plan.  Mobile technology can make this plan easier.  Here are three ways how mobile technology can give your service technicians a daily gameplan and streamline operations.

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Tags: Product - SWRemote

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