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Greg Dooley

Greg Dooley
Greg is Vice President at SWRemote. He has worked with over 400 different business owners and home-service professionals across the country to show them how to gain success using SWRemote. Greg’s experience is unique because he routinely spends time in the field at contractor’s locations, both in a classroom setting and on ride alongs with the technicians, where he works side-by-side the technicians to remain conscious of their routines. Greg understands modern contractor sales expertise as well as industry trends and can tailor implementation of the SWRemote software so that field technicians can continue to use previously learned effective sales processes while using SWRemote.
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[VLOG] What is Field Nimble?

Posted by Greg Dooley on 11/21/17 7:45 AM



You've heard us talk about our different field service management software. What if you haven't had any experience with our software before? We better let you know exactly what our product Field Nimble can do! Field Nimble is a work order management software that lets you access your information with a desktop, or on a phone/tablet app. 

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[VLOG] Field Nimble in 3 Minutes

Posted by Greg Dooley on 11/14/17 8:30 AM



We believe Field Nimble 's Field Service Software can help residential home service businesses of any size grow their revenue, and expand their company;

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3 Benefits of Customers Declining Work

Posted by Greg Dooley on 9/19/17 2:08 PM

Nobody likes to hear "No" from a customer.

When you've made a significant investment of time and effort to explain and present great options only to have the customer tell you that they just want the quick and inexpensive fix, it can be easy to take the work you've done, crumple it up and "circular file" it.

A better option is to get your customers and prospects to actively decline work you've suggested. Here are three reasons why.

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Do you get Sign-off on the Dispatch Fee From the Customer?

Posted by Greg Dooley on 8/31/16 3:02 PM

A lot of times during trainings a customer may ask me, “How do we get sign off for the dispatch fee from the customer?” Fair question, but not one I typically answer right away, it usually takes a few questions on my part. Here let me explain.

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Should I add a Second-Task Rate?

Posted by Greg Dooley on 6/14/16 1:02 PM

Sometimes I get asked about adding a second task rate – meaning a discounted rate for an add-on task to the customer.  My question back to them usually is – do you charge a trip / service charge? If the answer is yes then I am ok with a second-task rate, as typically the service charge covers the costs associated with heading out to the customer’s locations. If not, then in order to conserve margins I wouldn’t recommend the second-task rate, or at least too much of a discount with it.

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