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Stephanie Magnuszewski

Stephanie is an experienced customer advocate who manages client on-boarding, training and long-term customer success through direct interaction with clients.
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How to Kick Ass on the Phone

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 7/17/18 10:24 PM

Get to the Point | Top Three Takeaways:

  1. Our 5 best tips for tackling customer calls in a professional, confident and calm manner. Staying positive, calm and organized.
  2. The 5 C’s of Customer Service - how to get to the point, speak professionally and talk to customers the way they should be treated.
  3. Common Scenarios and to handle them. We made it easy with a script you can use in any situation

Customer service can be hard to master yet its one of the most important aspects of running a good business. Word of mouth can be such a powerful and underrated marketing tool and the best way to get a good word out is to have some kick ass customer service skills.

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Tags: Customer Delight

4 Reasons Why You Need to Set Business Goals

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 12/27/17 8:30 AM
As we get ready to say goodbye to 2017 and hello 2018, it’s time to look at your business goals and all the things you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Most people think of a New Year’s resolution as something personal, but it's a perfect time to set resolutions for your business as well.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Need to Set Business Goals:

  1. Measure your success: Knowing where you started and how far you have come is important to the perspective and growth of your business. It’s hard to see your business growth from a day to day standpoint, however, when you measure growth and profitability you understand the big picture.
  2. Leadership & Teamwork: Setting goals is good for both your leadership team and your staff to find ways to work together. When everyone understands the end goal; your team’s work together and understand management decisions and priorities.
  3. Knowledge is Power: When you set a goals and actively monitor your progress you gain insights to your business. You’ll be able to better understand implications of decisions made by tracking errors and successes.
  4. Focus: Setting specific goals allows you to focus what is most important to your business. By concentrating your efforts, you’ll hone in on what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish each goal.

Now that we have some background on why setting a goal is important for your business, let’s dive into five common New Year’s Resolutions for businesses. Hopefully, you’ll find something that resonates to your business in 2018 goals. 

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Tags: Get Organized & Efficient

Case Study: Why On the Go Heating & Cooling loves working with Field Nimble

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 12/7/17 7:43 AM

On the Go Heating & Cooling is a small HVAC business in Las Cruces, New Mexico. 

I spoke to Sylvania Riveria to learn about the challenges she faced as a business owner and how Field Nimble has helped her business. Sylvania was one of the first customers to get up and running with Field Nimble and she was happy to share her thoughts on what working with our young company has meant to her.

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Tags: Product - Field Nimble, Case Study

Case Study: Munn’s Sales and Services, Inc. With SW Remote

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 10/10/17 11:36 AM
Charlie Thompson from Munn’s Sales and Services, Inc. out of Central Florida, has been an SWRemote Customer for just over 10 years now. The company has been servicing Florida residents since 1964 and with 3 generations of family working hard to run their business they needed a solution to get away from paper and make things easier for their staff and technicians.
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Tags: Case Study, Product - SWRemote, HVAC Contractors

Case Study: Max Service Air Conditioning “So easy a caveman could do it”

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 9/29/17 2:11 PM

Felix Conde runs Max Service Air Conditioning in West Florida, he’s worked on several other business and field software solutions and nothing ever seemed to fit his needs. He wanted something that was simple, intuitive and made sense for his business.

We had a chance to talk with Felix shortly after his team implented Field Nimble home and field service software for his business. 

Here's what Felix has to say about the increased efficency Max Service Air Conditioning experienced.

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Tags: Case Study, Customer Delight, HVAC Contractors

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