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Steve Kiernan II

Steve Kiernan II
I am the CEO & co-founder of Pointman, a SaaS company which helps residential and commercial service contractors grow their businesses by obsessing over the experience delivered and interaction between contractors and their customers. Over the last 20 years my business partners and I have started and run many service-based businesses; it's what we love, and it's the place where we can most help others make positive change. In that time, we've learned some key lessons about success: be friendly, be honest, and be dependable. Moreover, look for opportunities to exceed expectations, because delighting your customers is a world-class recipe for continued growth and success.
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Which HVAC Management Software is Right for My Business?

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 5/22/18 9:50 AM

I'll never forget sitting at an event last year called Contractor University, put together by a group named EGIA when a man, let's call him Brett, approached me to ask about our company, Pointman. He was looking for software to help run his service company better, but he said something that rocked me. He said "I came here to find software, but I'm going to head home even more confused than when I started." Ouch! The lot of us hadn't helped. In fact, we'd made it worse! Thank goodness we happened to be hosting an open happy hour, which was a fine backdrop to provide what he really needed, a good listener.

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The Pointman Passion and Purpose Program

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 2/15/18 5:30 PM

Every once in a while, I like to share a bit of the Pointman culture, and give a glimpse of what goes on at 403 Main Street. Just 3 months ago, Deb Spearing joined the Pointman family as our Vice President of Human Resources. She’s been researching creative new ways to invest in our team. I want to share one of our newest initiatives, the Passion and Purpose Program. If you like the concept, I encourage you to implement a similar program with your team.

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[Product Announcement] SWRemote now Integrated to Scout and Acquire and has New Packaged Pricing

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 1/30/18 10:39 AM

Hey, SWRemote customers, we have some really big news!  

We’ve added a widget to SWRemote that integrates directly into the Pointman apps of Scout and Acquire. Why is this a big news? Because Acquire let’s you grow your business through custom proposals and presentations. Scout streamlines your business with custom forms and checklists.

As a 10+ year partner of Successware®21, we talk to thousands of SWRemote customers each year. The integration of Scout and Acquire with SWRemote is customer driven, it’s simple and it’s affordable

Oddly enough, when you make something simple, there’s not a lot to say. So read on, look at the screen shots and check out our new pricing and then give us a call to get you started on custom proposals, presentations, forms and checklists.

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[Company News] Pointman Expansion Includes Three New VPs: Product, HR & Marketing

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 11/10/17 4:30 AM
October was a time of growth at Pointman, a SaaS company that creates field service management software and mobile apps for the home service industry. Pointman brought on three new Vice Presidents, including Charu Kalluri as Vice President of Product, Debra Spearing as the Vice President of Human Resources and Jennifer Hillman as Vice President of Marketing,


With each of these new positions, Pointman is positioning the company for growth in 2018. Steve Kiernan, CEO comments on the recent growth,

“With the launch and adoption of our signature SAAS products, Field Nimble and SWRemote, we are smart growing the company in a way that follows our business objectives: people, product, and positioning.”
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Conferences, Expos, and Trade Shows... Oh MY!

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 11/9/17 1:51 PM

As we all know in the contracting world, when summer is over there is a bit of a slower period in most home service businesses’ work. That makes fall a great time to take vacations, but as we all know not all traveling is done for leisure. The beginning of fall also marks the beginning of conference and trade show season!

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