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Steve Kiernan II

Steve Kiernan II
I am the CEO & co-founder of Pointman, a SaaS company which helps residential and commercial service contractors grow their businesses by obsessing over the experience delivered and interaction between contractors and their customers. Over the last 20 years my business partners and I have started and run many service-based businesses; it's what we love, and it's the place where we can most help others make positive change. In that time, we've learned some key lessons about success: be friendly, be honest, and be dependable. Moreover, look for opportunities to exceed expectations, because delighting your customers is a world-class recipe for continued growth and success.
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Recent Posts

Field Service Forms: Transform Paper Forms to Mobile Forms

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 3/29/16 4:44 PM


Efficiency and safety forms are a must.  Many field service companies think that converting these forms to mobile forms is a complicated and costly process, and may even cause more work
for their field service techs.  However, the video shows how easy it is to create and use mobile forms with our EZ Contractor Forms application:


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Tags: Product - SWRemote, Ditch the Clipboard, Go Digital

Increase Service Agreement Subscriptions with Mobile Technology

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 2/29/16 11:34 AM



Service agreements are the bread and butter for many contractors. Residential and commercial customers alike benefit from the service, it provides your business with guaranteed work, and keeps the relationship going with your customers. If your business isn’t making the most of your service agreements, you’re missing out on significant revenue.

HVAC contractors aren’t the only ones who can offer service agreements to their customers. Water heaters need regular maintenance, too, and customers can benefit from a complete plumbing system inspection. Electrical contractors can also get in on service agreements by providing annual electrical inspections which can also be paired with discounted service if issues are found. Through annual maintenance or service agreements, contractors provide their customers with assurance that their systems are performing effectively and safely.

As equipment manufacturers are recommending annual maintenance for their systems, home and business owners are seeing the importance of a standing agreement. Even Angie’s List is touting the benefits of having a heating and cooling maintenance agreement in place! Using mobile technology, your technicians can become proactive in selling your service agreements, rather than passively waiting for them to call for a tune-up or inspection.

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Tags: Invoicing & Payments

Master the upsell with SWRemote

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 2/18/16 10:27 AM


Upselling is a key sales technique that offers the potential to greatly increase your business’s revenue. One problem you face as a business owner is getting your technicians to actually upsell when they are out on calls. Make upselling easy for them by providing mobile technology which will support their efforts and provide the confidence your technicians need to go after the sale on every job.

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Tags: Product - SWRemote, Pricing and Margins

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