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Calculating ROI for Field Service Software

Posted by Luke Collard on 3/8/16 3:27 PM
Luke Collard
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As the dispatch manager, you know your current process is not working. You and your team of customer service representatives are drowning in paperwork, invoicing, and taking calls from service technicians looking for customer information and previous job notes. There are not enough hours in the day and on top of that your company is not even in the busy season. You have thought about field service software, but you are worried you cannot demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) to your boss. Here are 3 areas for potential savings and revenue increase that can service as inspiration to successfully demonstrate a ROI  for field service software to your boss.

Download An Interactive ROI Calculator

Dispatch & Call Handling

  1.   Reduce or eliminate debrief time with service technicians.
  2.   Eliminate unnecessary phone triage prior to service technicians arriving on site.
  3.   Reduce number of dispatchers that are handling technician day-to-day activities.
  4.   Reduce office personnel and increase revenue generating personnel.

Service Technician Savings and Assistance

  1.   Increase customer satisfaction by better preparing the service technician for the location       and job they are arriving at. 
  2.  The ability to assign lowest cost resource based on skills required to fix the issue.
  3.   Increase the number of calls a technician can perform in a given day.
  4.   Reduction in repeat  visits and improvement in first time fix rate.

Invoices & Paperwork

  1. Eliminate carbon copy service forms.
  2.  Eliminate re-keying in invoices and reducing invoicing costs.
  3.  Reduce disputed invoices and outstanding receivables.
  4.  Improve communication between service technicians and sales representatives.


Not every business will see improvements in the 3 areas demonstrated above, however, being able to identify your main pain-point in your current process and how it can be fixed by field service software will help your boss to understand the ROI for a field service software.    If your boss is looking for a more interactive return on investment tool that allows him to enter variable into a calculator to determine the projected return on investment, click below.


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