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Case Study: Max Service Air Conditioning “So easy a caveman could do it”

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 9/29/17 2:11 PM
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Pointman Case Study: Max Service Air ConditioningFelix Conde runs Max Service Air Conditioning in West Florida, he’s worked on several other business and field software solutions and nothing ever seemed to fit his needs. He wanted something that was simple, intuitive and made sense for his business.

We had a chance to talk with Felix shortly after his team implented Field Nimble home and field service software for his business. 

Here's what Felix has to say about the increased efficency Max Service Air Conditioning experienced.

“How you separate yourself in an industry and the professional market determines how quickly you can scale your business. In the service industry any tool that can be used to leverage professionalism, customer experience, and technology is a necessary investment.” Felix Said. “We use Field Nimble as our field service software because it facilitates us in delivering our customers tons of real added value while eliminating non- value added tasks.”

Easy to Use

“I was able to set up and start using Field Nimble my first day! Everything seems to be very well thought out and easy to use. The phrase "So easy a caveman could do it" comes to mind and yet it's effective at what you need it to do” said Felix.

We understand when you’re out in the field working, managing the job shouldn’t have to be the priority. We want you be be able to focus on your customers and servicing them. Field Nimble knows what you need to get the job done and we’ve built the tools you use every day, while giving you the flexibility to create custom fields for anything that’s not already there.

“The software has such good flow to it, It's like it knows what you're going to ask next” Felix explained.

Customer Service

For Felix, he also shared how important customer service is to him.

“The Customer Support team is very helpful and the few times I've reached out they have responded very quickly. I've worked with and for companies with CRM's that cost hundreds and even thousands per month and haven't received the level of customer service I've gotten with Field Nimble.”

Felix has also been a great customer who utilizes the Pointman support system whenever he needs it. Reaching out to Field Nimble is easy. With one touch you can connect to live chat with and someone from our support team will typically responds in a few minutes. We love working with customers like Felix who need easy and simple solutions and who are willing to reach back out to our team with comments, questions and even suggestions.

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Saves Time

We asked Felix how much time he estimates Field Nimble software has saved him:

“Downtime is a form of waste within any company. Therefore clear, quick, and accurate communication between departments is crucial for efficiency. Field Nimble saves us exponential amounts of time dispatching our technicians and getting information to them.This eliminates downtime waiting for the office to give techs needed info and also clears up phone lines for customers with new business to get through.

It processes and logs payment information in real time, eliminating the need for techs to call in payment info and tracks how your technician is advancing in their day, eliminating distracting phone calls to techs. It saves an electronic file of your whole interaction with the customer, eliminating the embarrassing digging through files while your customers wait.

Put simply, if used to its capacity, calculating to amount of time Field Nimble saves us is virtually impossible. It's essential in creating a culture of efficiency.”

Felix success comes from knowing what his business needs are, and seeking out the best solution. 

We like to think we’ve helped play a small part in helping him become more efficient and maximizing his teams time to increase profits and customer satisifaction.

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