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Case Study: Munn’s Sales and Services, Inc. With SW Remote

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 10/10/17 11:36 AM
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sw-remote-blue.pngCharlie Thompson from Munn’s Sales and Services, Inc. out of Central Florida, has been an SWRemote Customer for just over 10 years now. The company has been servicing Florida residents since 1964 and with 3 generations of family working hard to run their business they needed a solution to get away from paper and make things easier for their staff and technicians.

Charlie explains their biggest problem, “we had too many technicians and too many jobs for a dispatcher to handle via radio or cell phone, so we needed a better way to automate the process.” It’s a good problem to have, but when things get overwhelming, you cannot service your customers with the best customer experience.

Munn’s Sales and Services, dispatches approximately 40 employees, they email receipts to their customers, utilize all the built-in forms for different internal processes and take pictures with the app to be stored in their Dropbox account so all their office staff using Successware21 can have access to the information.

quote-1.pngCharlie also had some of the nicest things to say about the SWRemote Support Team, while we always try to pride ourself on excellent customer support, comments like this from Charlie make it worth it for us to do our jobs everyday! “SWRemote support is top notch! I normally get a response from the team within seconds of submitting a request online. SWRemote and the Pointman team seem committed to the development and support of the product, those are two key attributes to look for when deciding which mobile software solution to utilize. A great product with lousy support would be a nightmare!”

His best advice to other companies looking to tackle similar problems is simple, “If you are still using paper and manual processes to dispatch your technicians, you are missing the boat! Let your dispatchers focus on their revenue generating tasks and let SWRemote handle the dispatching of your technicians.”

Thank you Charlie and the Munn Sales and Services Team for your ten years of loyalty to the SWRemote product! For more information about the company visit www.munnair.com.

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