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Case Study: Why On the Go Heating & Cooling loves working with Field Nimble

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 12/7/17 7:43 AM
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On the Go Heating & Cooling is a small HVAC business in Las Cruces, New Mexico. 

I spoke to Sylvania Riveria to learn about the challenges she faced as a business owner and how Field Nimble has helped her business. Sylvania was one of the first customers to get up and running with Field Nimble and she was happy to share her thoughts on what working with our young company has meant to her.

Why they love it:

A challenge for many home services businesses is finding a software system that fits into the workflow and tasks of their business model. The software needs to provide value by creating efficiency for both the office and field service teams. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for features not needed; but at the same time, flexibility should be there to create custom fields and features that are needed.

Sylvania loves that Field Nimble is a young company and is continually working on the software to be better.  She added, "I like that if I need something added to invoices or a print button or just about anything they are willing to try and help implement that. As technology is changing, they can change as we grow and that’s a major advantage.” Sylvania added that “compared to buying an expensive software, where we are stuck with what they have designed and how it works until they decide to come up with a newer version years from now, Field Nimble has flexibility.” She loves the growth and the attention she gets as a small, growing and changing company.

Sylvania explained that as a small HVAC company that is quickly growing it was becoming more and more important that they find something to help with scheduling. She said she had been looking for a scheduling system for about 2 years before they decided to attend the AHR Expo in Las Vegas in January 2017.  At the Expo, she met our team and loved that the people who created the product. Our CEO, COO, and President were onsite representing the product and interacting with business owners like her.

On the Go Heating & Cooling is like many of our other customers, who are small operations that are growing quickly and in need of business solutions to help them better manage their time and their employees.

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Saving Time:

Field Nimble is designed to help small companies better manage themselves. We spend our time trying to come up with ways to help you save your time . We asked Sylvania how much time Field Nimble has saved her and her team and what has been made easier on her daily workflows using the software.

“What my techs love about Field Nimble is that they can do their billing right away and it's quick and easy to use. They no longer need to sit and handwrite the invoices, they actually just speak into their iPads and it writes the paragraph of work done and any recommendations. It’s fast, easy, user friendly and has saved us hours of billing at end of the day.”

The Bottom Line:

Sylvania and her team at On the Go Heating & Cooling have benefited in so many ways from implementing Field Nimble into their day-to-day operations. They have found a solution that helps them manage the business at a price that is reasonable for a small, growing company. Field Nimble will grow alongside her, as we continually listen to her insightful feedback and implement it a way that our customers, like Sylvania, can easily use it.


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