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Conferences, Expos, and Trade Shows... Oh MY!

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 11/9/17 1:51 PM
Steve Kiernan II
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ContractorLeadershipLive-2.jpgAs we all know in the contracting world, when summer is over there is a bit of a slower period in most home service businesses’ work. That makes fall a great time to take vacations, but as we all know not all traveling is done for leisure. The beginning of fall also marks the beginning of conference and trade show season!

Now whether you went to one training seminar or took your team to an immersive expo, we know why you go to conferences. You want to educate your employees on better practices in the field,  strategize with leaders in the field and learn tips on how to run your business, and meet your peers in the field as well as some pretty awesome vendors who can equip you with tools to make your business more profitable.

Our blog generally tries to cater to your first two reasons for coming to a trade show (Education and Business Strategy). So we decided that the next series of blogs will be for the contractors who weren’t able to make it to an expo, who didn’t get to meet vendors. We want to introduce ourselves and tell you about our trade show experiences this fall.


Hello, NIce to Meet you 

We’re Pointman, we make technology for businesses on-the-go. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of home service contractors, their employees, and their families through better technology.

We work with a lot of small contractors, even one-man shops, because we believe in Main Street, America. We are honored and humbled to work with so many small businesses making an honest living, and improving their communities with every completed job.

We go to trade shows to listen to business owners, technicians, and contractors of all sorts. We listen to what you need and want for your business in the next 2 months and the next 10 years. When we see an overlap with what we offer and what your short and long term goals are we are excited to start a conversation with you. This “trade show season" we were lucky enough to meet hundreds of hardworking people like you! 

Here are the quick quips of what we loved about each trade show.

Serviceworld Expo in Las Vegas, NV

This was the first trade show in a while, so of course we all had a blast at this one. We got to meet so many new people, and we ran into some of our current customers, but MAN oh MAN was it hot when we were there!

Contractor LIVE in Cleveland, OH

This trade show was geared more toward the HVACR industry, and was sponsored by EGIA. We could really focus in on the industry specific information, like we do in all our personalized demos!

PHCC Connect in Milwaukee, Wi

PHCC (Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors) hosted competitions for the rising aprentices, we had a great time watching these men and women show their skills in the hands-on activities. This show was also exciting, because one of our account Executives (Chris) was able to join us for his first trade show!

ACCA Fall Forum in New Orleans

Last but certianly not least was teh ACCA Fall Forum. This was actually a double-whammy; Two trade shows were held back to back! We were able to start the week at the Business Technology & Operations (BTO) Forum. We got to talk a lot of high level/stragegy. Next was the Service Leadership Forum where we could talk more logistics and day-to-day. We got a lot of compliments on our swag too, which is always fun.

While we traveled across America from Las Vegas to MIlwaukee to New Orleans, we found there were some “core” questions people had for us about our all-in-one Field Service Management App, Field Nimble.

Our Online Expo!

We created an Online Expo, where you can step into a virtual world and act as if you had come to all the amazing trade shows with us!

Here are some of the most common questions we heard… Just click on the question you want to know most about, and we can jump into a virtual conversation!

What is Field Nimble?

Field Nimble (FN) is a service software that helps your business organize, it makes everyone’s job easier and helps the company get paid faster. It’s not big or bulky, but that’s the point, man... Learn More

Who is Field Nimble designed for?

FN was designed for the small business owner; for growing Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing Companies. It was made... Learn More

What if I already have software for my company?

FN is able to integrate with your back end software including Quickbooks, accounting software, customer management systems and more... Learn More

How will Field Nimble make me money?

FN saves you time, it lets you get paid faster, and it opens doors for future sales with our customer management tools... Learn More

When can I start using Field Nimble?

You can be up and running in one hour with this software, it's easy for techs to pick up and use, and can be integrated back into your native system quicky and easily... Learn More

How will Field Nimble help my different teams?

FN improves team communication drastically. Your dispatch team and your techs no longer have confusing re-directs, and if plans change everybody can be notified simultaneously. It's really pretty simple... Learn More

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