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How Going Green Can Save You Money!

Posted by Lauren Pszonak on 5/18/17 2:48 PM

"Going Green” is a trend these days. Organizations make eco-friendly decisions for good publicity/public relations. However, there are monetary reasons to make these choices too!

We want to share several ways you can go green, then show how these moves will help save your company money.

1. Check your tire pressure


Making sure the tires on your service vehicles are inflated properly can help your business in ways you didn’t know. Under inflated tires lead to worse fuel economy.

If your tires are properly inflated you can burn less gas (and therefore save money on that gas!) An over inflated tire leads to uneven wear and tear on the tire, and brings on early replacement. Taking care of the assets you have will let you produce less waste, and save you money.

2. Reuse & Recycle

Cans.jpgIf you don’t have a recycling bin in your breakroom, you’re missing out. You can encourage workers to recycle with different incentives. If your state offers $0.05 deposits you can use the money to buy new supplies or even throw an office wide party!  

Another quick break-room fix is offering reusable plates and silverware. The office would need to spend less on paper products, and you will reduce waste.

3. update mailing lists

Mail.jpgDo you still send out “snail mail” offers? This is a great way to reach people of certain demographics, but how many of these mailings are getting the leads you want? 

Firstly, you may want to clean up your mailing list. Identify the customers that are likely to use you again in the future, and clean out other mailers. While it may be hard to let go of “potential leads” If you have been mailing to a household for 10+ years and they have never reached out before, you may want to reconsider that form of communication. Plus, sending fewer things in the mail is cheaper and better for the environment!

Secondly, start using email marketing! This is a great solution that can help reach new demographics. Many people, especially in the millennial generation, are going paperless. Having an established email list can be a cost-efficient way to reach people where they want to be reached.

4. Donate Surplus to Charity

Money.jpgAt the end of a job, do you ever have surplus supplies? These can be donated (for a tax deduction!) to a charity. This saves these left-overs that would otherwise be in the dumpster, it can do real good in the world, and you save money! One example is Habitat for Humanity, you can see their guidelines HERE.  



5. Department of Energy Checklist

List.jpgWe all know to turn the lights off when you leave the room. If you want to take that idea one step further, you can check out the Department of Energy’s “Office Energy Checklist”. This was a list put together to make sure offices can run efficiently. This can, of course, help save on energy bills!




6. Go Paperless

Scout.jpgAnother way to go green is to transition your office to paperless solutions. Americans consume more paper per capita than anyone else on earth. While paper can be recycled, it is not an unlimited resource. Each time paper is recycled new fibers must be added, which means more trees must be cut down.

Using a cloud-based application like Scout allows you to manage all your data online. Each form is customizable to your specific company, and paper processing will be eliminated! Not only will this save money on not having to print several copies of each document, but you will also save employee time!

Scout has many more features beyond just getting rid of the paper waste.

To learn more about Scout, request a free demo follow the link below!

Learn More About Scout

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