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What to Look For in a Paperless Software Solution

Posted by Keelin Burke on 4/11/17 9:57 AM

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Running your own business, especially one in the competitive world of contracting, has its challenges. Keeping up with numerous competitors, as well as updating to fit in with the digital age can feel next to impossible at times. When looking for digital solutions that coincide with your business, which do you choose? What do you look for, and most importantly, will it even make a difference?

First, think about the current challenges your company faces when it comes to running your business. Do you feel like you’re buried in papers all the time, or struggle with communicating updates to your techs on the field? Determining which issue you find yourself faced with on a daily basis with your company is the first step to finding a software solution that works
for you rather than against you.

Taking the Plunge and Going Paperless

Eliminating paper may seem like more work than it’s worth sometimes. However with a customer base becoming more tech savvy and expecting businesses to do the same, transitioning your paperwork into paperless work, is imperative. Look for a solution that allows you to maintain independence with your forms rather than just adhering to their own form building standards. Choosing a solution that isn’t flexible to your needs and your customers needs will only make it challenging and frustrating for everyone involved.

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What to look for?

As mentioned before, flexibility and the ability to personalize is one of the most important features to look for in a paperless solution. Most form building software companies call themselves “custom,” but what they really mean is “custom, but with many limitations.” While each business’s needs are uniquely different, it’s important to still look for form building software that most closely resembles the needs of your company, as opposed to what is easiest for the software provider. Some things to look for include, totally customizable form building options, the ability to use the same custom form over and over, or slightly tweak a form to better suit the needs of a particular job, and additional tailored features that directly improve the way you run your business.

For example, what if there was one that included a way to work offline as well as online? Many software companies assume that there will always be an internet connection. For anyone who has been out on the field, this just simply isn’t true. Finding a solution that allows you to get the information you need, with or without a connection may be beneficial to keep in mind during your search.

Additional Features

While custom form building is at the forefront of the search, adding other features to your list of wants is a great way to narrow down your search and find a system that works best for you. While a lot of features may seem extraneous, specifying components that could help advance your business may already be included in many software solutions. If you have a solid customer base, collected emails is a surefire way to keep current or past clients up-to-date with different services, deals, happenings, or otherwise at your business. With that in mind, an email automation feature can take the place of the pricey paper pamphlets that you may already be handing out. An email can contain the same information, discounts, etc. in a clean - digital format that will save your business far less in the long run than having to design, print, and distribute a paper leaflet.

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Choosing the Right Software

Most importantly, the digital form software you choose needs to be powerful, but simple. It should provide enough alternative features other than form building capabilities to truly enhance the way your company does business, rather than just complicate. Lastly, it should save you money, not cost you more than your current practices.

Scout by Pointman offers a variety of features that can help improve your business. From custom form building, to automating emails, to creating professional PDFs, even down to dispatching to your team, Scout is an ideal solution for home service professionals and contractors looking to enhance and improve the way they do business.

Learn More About Scout

Want to know how much you can save by switching to Scout? Use our ROI calculator to compare how much you spend on paper processing now vs. how much you could save by switching to Scout.

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