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[Product Announcement] SWRemote now Integrated to Scout and Acquire and has New Packaged Pricing

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 1/30/18 10:39 AM
Steve Kiernan II
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Hey, SWRemote customers, we have some really big news!  

We’ve added a widget to SWRemote that integrates directly into the Pointman apps of Scout and Acquire. Why is this a big news? Because Acquire let’s you grow your business through custom proposals and presentations. Scout streamlines your business with custom forms and checklists.

As a 10+ year partner of Successware®21, we talk to thousands of SWRemote customers each year. The integration of Scout and Acquire with SWRemote is customer driven, it’s simple and it’s affordable

Oddly enough, when you make something simple, there’s not a lot to say. So read on, look at the screen shots and check out our new pricing and then give us a call to get you started on custom proposals, presentations, forms and checklists.

I’m not going to get into the nitty, gritty development world of creating widgets, integrations and API’s (yawn), because, really all we want to do is get YOU doing what you love. Run your business and be successful.

So, for SWRemote customers that currently use Scout and Acquire, the apps are now officially connected. Linking them is a one-time simple step:  ‘activate’ the app under settings.

For customers of SWRemote that do not currently use Scout or Acquire, the Pointman team will work with you to set up the apps and customize your templates, this simple onboarding can take as little as 30 minutes to get you up and running.

I’m also delighted to announce our new package pricing model for SWRemote customers integrating Scout and Acquire. For just $70 per user, per month you can get the complete package - including Acquire’s professional proposal and presentation application and Scouts form and checklist builder.

About the Apps

Acquire is Pointman’s proposal building app that produces professional ‘Good, Better, Best’ proposals and presentations. Custom proposals are made at the job site by using pre-loaded templates, part numbers, pricing, discounts, pictures, etc. Field techs can present several proposals and give options in a ‘Good, Better, Best’ format. Any proposal can then be converted to professional quality pdfs for customers to review. Once a proposal is accepted, it is converted to an invoice ready to be filed in SWRemote, and the back office through the Successware®21 software.

Scout is a custom form building app that allows your team to gain more time in their day-to-day operations. Custom forms and checklists can be used for work orders, agreements, etc. Forms are customizable so you gather all information relevant to your company from the field. Technicians can take pictures, add data tables, take notes, and complete checklists to make sure each job is finished effectively. With this integration, SWRemote imports completed forms from Scout and is filed in SWRemote, and the back office.

The update will also sync the customer information from SWRemote to Acquire or Scout allowing all relevant information from SWRemote customer files to be available before starting a job, eliminating all double entry between the apps.

We’re so excited to have this new feature added for our customers. If you have any feedback or you’d like to learn more about how to link your accounts, reach out to us.


Or read more about our Pricing Packages available when you link your account...

Package Pricing


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