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How the Roofing Industry Benefits from the Form Building App, Scout

Posted by Lauren Pszonak on 6/19/17 10:44 AM

Hello, Roofers!

We would like to give you a personalized tour of our forms building app, Scout! Scout allows you to easily build every custom form you need to help your business grow. It also works as a dispatch app giving your roofers all the information they need for their next job.

Let’s walk through a typical day in the life of a roofer using Scout.


5:30AM - Get to the office

roofing-workplace-scout-form-building.jpgClock in on your digital time card, then start to plan for the day. You look at all the jobs you have for the day and pack the trailer/trucks accordingly.

Any experienced roofer knows what to bring to each worksite for the day, but even the best in the industry can forget to pack something! That’s why a packing form can benefit newer staff, and experienced staff alike.

With Scout you can have an unlimited number of forms to account for each type of home visit- like an estimate, repair, or new roof (you can even have a different form for each different type of roof you install: asphalt, metal, slate etc).

6:00AM - First Job Site

Roofing-Site1-Scout-Form-Building.pngThis job site is just a patch/repair. You set up the ladder and safety equipment, but before continuing you use a Field Level Risk Assessment form.

Mandatory fields ensure that every field must be completed or checked off before you can submit the form. This will help hold each worksite the the utmost standard for safety.

The leak was not too bad which means this job takes less time than expected! You meet with the homeowner and have them sign a work acknowledgement confirming the job was completed, as well give them an invoice (See Acquire). You email them a copy of the agreement, then clean up the worksite.

After you finish cleaning up, you input all the materials that will need to be restocked, so whomever orders materials knows what you need.


11:00 AM - Lunch

You’re finished at your first site by lunch. You submit your completed forms, and your office staff knows in real time that you have your afternoon open.

After Lunch - Bid on a Job

You finished up a delicious lunch and you head over to bid on a new job. You get the information, and send off a quick email of the bid to the potential client. (Hint: gaining emails of potential customers is a GREAT way to build a marketing plan)

2 PM - Second Job Site

Roofing-Site2-scout-form-building.jpgYou get a notification; you’ve been assigned a new response. 

You see information about a job across town. The first thing you do is look at a response form containing customer information.

You see the family has two friendly dogs, so there no need to be alarmed if you hear barking.

Now you're ready to head off to help out! 


4:00 PM - End of the Day

Scout-Form-Building-App.jpgYou punch out on your timecard and head home for the day, not worrying about losing any forms, or having to input the data back at the office. 

There are other “non-routine” forms companies use Scout for that can help keep the office organized.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Log
  • Hiring/Onboarding Paperwork
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Take photos at estimates to use in proposal making (See Acquire)


Interested in using Scout for your company? 

Learn More About Scout

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