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SpotLight Form: California Home Improvement Contract

Posted by Andy Bagner on 2/13/17 3:34 PM
Andy Bagner

California Home Improvement LawFor a home services company, a contract is one of the most important tools they can have to help them have a successful home services business. In California, a written contract is required for all home improvement projects over $500. A home improvement contract and any changes made to that contract must be in easy to understand, legible formatting, and inform the customer of his or her rights to cancel or rescind the contract. Scout, powered by Pointman can help home services companies digitalize their contracts, which helps open the lines of communication between them and their customers, as well as help them follow California Law.  Below is a quick look how Scout can make your management of contracts better.

A contract in Scout helps avoid misunderstandings about what a job will include.  By digitizing your contract, you are making the contract legible and easy for your customer to review.  

California Home Improvement Contract

Homeowners who enter into contracts with home service companies to improve, remodel or repair their homes almost always have a right to cancel the contract, without any penalty, within 3 business days after signing the contract. Scout allows for contractors and customers to capture the dates and signatures to demonstrate when a contract must be canceled.

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 By utilizing Scout, your home service company no longer has to worry about having illegible important contracts, or misplacing any of these contracts as they are all now stored on your administrative account where you can easily pull these up if the need ever arises.
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