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Streamline Operations with SWRemote & These Time Management Techniques

Posted by Andy Bagner on 8/8/16 2:27 PM
Andy Bagner


With football season around the corner, no football player wants to get out on the field without a solid plan and neither should your service technicians.  Bolstering service technicians' productivity is a goal every service manager and owner tries to achieve, but if you don't yet have a plan, then your plan should be to make a plan.  Mobile technology can make this plan easier.  Here are three ways how mobile technology can give your service technicians a daily gameplan and streamline operations.

1. Improve Everyday with a Game Plan

 Current Solution:

Make sure all of your service techs set aside some time before they leave the shop everyday to look over their schedules and to read work-order notes in order to ensure that they have all the equipment, materials, and tools necessary for their jobs that day. Your techs should know exactly what they need to accomplish at each service stop so they can finish the work orders before they leave the shop.

The SWRemote Software Solution:

A completely digital scheduling system for your service technicians will make sure that they begin everyday with a game plan. SWRemote is designed for mobile use will make sure that your techs will have complete real-time access to their schedules and the ability to reference a customer's complete service history while on site with a customer. If your techs are able to check their schedules in the morning before they leave, they'll also be able to check your shop's inventory for any equipment or parts that may be necessary for their jobs that day right from their phone, or tablet and then reserve those items for their jobs.

2Evaluate the Whole Situation 

Current Solution:

Being able begin every call with a short overview of the customer's whole system and service history will allow your techs to determine precisely what is necessary and how to complete the job the best they can. It lowers callbacks and leads to significantly better customer service.

The SWRemote Software Solution:

Because SWRemote can connect your service techs with real-time, vital data, they can access any customer's service history from anywhere in the field. They can even pull up a customer's maintenance agreement and pinpoint any possible additional problems that require attention.

3.Be Ready for Surprises

Current Solution:

Always leave enough time for your service techs in between jobs to ensure that they are never late. If a service tech is running 15 minutes or so behind schedules, that buffer time will allow them enough time to get to the next appointment without having to inconvenience their customer.

The SWRemote Software Solution:

Once your service technicians have SWRemote, it's incredibly easy to gain control of stressful or unexpected situations. With real-time access to important customer information and job schedules, an emergency call becomes something easily manageable. SWRemote was designed for mobility which means you could in theory run your entire business on the road. If a surprise situation pops up, regardless of what it is, SWRemote provides the tools and flexibility required to re-route a service tech, update information, or create new customers and schedule jobs, on the spot.

If you are looking to streamline operations and boost service technician producitivity, SWRemote can help. It will be the best investment you can make for your home service business because it allows your service techinicans to have a gameplan everyday.  

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