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SWRemote Improves Customer Service & Satisfaction

Posted by Lauren Pszonak on 5/10/17 1:09 PM

In the field service industry, technicians are the primary face of a company for many customers. This puts a lot of pressure on techs to have outstanding customer service so customers are satisfied and will contact you for future jobs. 

Many field techs are not trained in “soft-skills” like a sales person would be. While you can train your techs in lead genearting skills, SWRemote helps ease the social burden that technicians face to make customer relationships even stronger. Here are some a few features that will strengthen technician/customer relations. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction / Technician Relationships

Improve Customer Satisfaction / Work Orders1. Flexible Scheduling

SWRemote tackles customer satisfaction before the field tech even steps foot on the property. Transparency goes a long way to make a happy customer. Real-time adjustments can be made to a field tech’s schedule to accommodate emergencies or last minute cancellations. This real-time feature also limits the need for wide service windows and offers more transparency to the customer.


Improve Customer Satisfaction / Equipment - History

2. Preparation

It can be frustrating to both the customer and tech when visits are complicated or postponed because the necessary materials and tools are lacking. SWRemote allows the user to make notes for each visit and review the exact project before leaving for a call. Preparation is key to completing a job efficiently and professionally.

  • Additionally, SWRemote houses all the unique forms needed for any given work order. This can save frustration and time if a change is to arise before, during, or after the job.

3. Conversations & RelationshipsImprove Customer Satisfaction / Customer Profile

Lastly, while any service may seem routine to the tech, the customer is not used to having this installation or repair on a daily basis. Listening to concerns from customers and discussing as a company how to address them can go a long way! SWRemote allows you to take pictures of the projects so future visits can go even smoother. You can also make notes in customer profiles reminding you of certain quirks of the property, information about pets, certain tools that are needed for the job, and other details specific to that customer.



Making simple changes can increase customer satisfaction drastically! There are many more benefits to moving your company to SWRemote. You can learn more about all the features and advantages of SWRemote by requesting a FREE demo withone of our sales professionals.

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