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SWRemote Just Got 2xs Better! How to Link Acquire and Scout

Posted by Adam Smith on 3/8/18 6:50 AM

SWRemote, the mobile application for SuccessWare21® just got a new feature! As many of you may have noticed, there are now buttons labeled “Responses” and “Proposals” - These buttons let you link directly to Pointman’s apps, Scout and Acquire.

Here at Pointman, we strive to make your experience  as easy as possible. When you watch this quick one minute video, you’ll have the knowledge you need to integrate your SWRemote apps to Scout and Acquire.

Join me, Pointman’s training specialist, to learn how to link Scout and Acquire with your SWRemote app.



If you want some more information about merging SWRemote with Scout and Acquire, you can explore the blog post, “SWRemote now Integrated to Scout and Acquire and has New Packaged Pricing

Once Scout and Acquire are linked to your SWRemote app, you can show better proposals, have better forms, and make more money. To learn about Scout, Acquire, and our pricing options, click the link below.

Package Pricing


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