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The Pointman Passion and Purpose Program

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 2/15/18 5:30 PM
Steve Kiernan II
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Every once in a while, I like to share a bit of the Pointman culture, and give a glimpse of what goes on at 403 Main Street. Just 3 months ago, Deb Spearing joined the Pointman family as our Vice President of Human Resources. She’s been researching creative new ways to invest in our team. I want to share one of our newest initiatives, the Passion and Purpose Program. If you like the concept, I encourage you to implement a similar program with your team.

We Believe

We believe people should have the priorities of Family, Faith, and Work, in that order. Family is always first. Making sure you and your family have the support you need to be healthy is imperative for a happy family life. Next, faith means something different to everyone, but everyone should have time to devote to their beliefs, and what inspires them. Then comes work. We believe if your family and faith is a priority, then your work will be the best it can be. That’s why we created the Passion and Purpose Program.

Passion and Purpose Program

Every employee at Pointman is encouraged  to take time each month to invest in whatever their passions are. I’ll be encouraging everyone to find a passion that they want to devote more time to. For example, if an employee has always wanted to develop a hobby or skill in their free-time, I’m going to support them in pursuing that passion.

I also want people’s faith and purpose to be fulfilled. In addition to volunteer opportunities that Pointman is involved in, employees can bring different events or volunteer opportunities to the company to get more of the team involved.

Our partnership with Algonquin Sports for Kids formed in 2007 with a pick up game of soccer hosted by my father, Steve Kiernan, and has grown into over 2,200 children involved in soccer based programming including the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success program. My dad was one of the original founders of Algonquin Studios, an IT firm which developed into Pointman today! He wanted to make sure the kids of Buffalo had the opportunity to get involved in sports, so in 2007 he started the Buffalo Soccer Club, focusing just on soccer in Buffalo, NY. Since then, Buffalo Soccer Club became Algonquin Sports for Kids and now offer different sports opportunities for the kids of Buffalo, NY. Algonquin Sports for Kids focuses on training coaches to be coach-mentors that teach players in the program about the key lessons of sports instead of only winning whatever sport they’re playing. The Pointman team will be helping Algonquin Sports for Kids in many different ways from marketing, fundraising, website development, and community outreach. "We have always been so proud of the relationship that we have with the Pointman team and are so excited about the Pointman Passion and Purpose project that will only allow Algonquin Sports for Kids to continue to serve youth across Western New York!"- Anna-Lesa Calvert,  Executive Director of Algonquin Sports for Kids.

Kate's Krew

I’d like to acknowledge Andy Bagner our Senior Product Specialist for finding and sharing his passion. Every year Andy organizes Pointman members, friends, and family for a Multiple Sclerosis walk that takes place in Buffalo. He calls his group Kate’s Krew. Kate’s Krew was founded in 2004 by Andy, his wife Kate, and Kate’s sister Karolyn. They started as a 4 person team, and have grown in 2017 to 110 walkers raising over $6,000.


Andy noted, “We raise more money for MS than most of the corporate sponsors; I’m proud of that”. In addition to organizing Katie’s Krew, Andy, Kate and Karolyn begin fundraising in January all the way through the walk in May. It’s this passion that contributes to their growing team donation each year. For this year, Katie’s Krew’s goal is $8,000.

I encourage our Pointman family to explore their passions and purposes; to remove any barriers to participation, Pointman is incentifying employees through dedicated time to pursue these activities, as well as annual rewards and recognition.

Having a healthy, happy, motivated and supported team is a continual goal of mine and by launching the Passion and Purpose Program, I hope to accomplish this.

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