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The "Uber" of Field Service? How the Internet of Things May Change the Future of Field Service

Posted by Keelin Burke on 4/27/17 4:22 PM

Have you ever traveled to a different city and have some last minute transportation changes? For most of us, nowadays. We know that if rental car trouble or lack of parking is an issue, we can turn to handy services like Lyft and Uber to pick us up. The wait time is minimal, the service is (typically) impressive, affordable, and gets you from point A to point B with ease.

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With almost all our devices now connected to the internet, the future of all industries relies on how well they’re able to service their customers - and field service is no exception. Similar to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, it’s considered that field service may take a similar turn and adopt something called crowd service. Simply put, some companies may evolve into the “Ubers of field service,” attracting remote qualified service professionals and hiring them as independent contractors under the umbrella of a larger company. As we move further and further into the digital age, it’s clear that customer service, speed, efficiency, and timeliness will be the most pressing factors driving how businesses choose to adapt.

With the integration of many field service softwares into the day-to-day operations of a variety of companies and techs, the idea of an “Uber-like” field service approach in future is not too far off.

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Field service companies have a lot to gain by considering crowd service in the future. Growth and increased revenue is an obvious first. Providing flexible hours and more opportunities for customers to be in control can inevitably help boost sales. Plus, this model’s flexibility and modern qualities help to build brand loyalty, a huge factor with contemporary purchasing habits. Techs will be able to schedule themselves based on when they can take the next job, shortening the wait time for customers, and reducing the need for second or third time visits due to time constraints.

While we’re definitely a few years off from this kind of massive shift, it’s still beneficial to consider how something like this could change the industry for the better - for customers, techs, and businesses alike. In the meantime, it’s important to integrate field service software solutions into daily field operations. Streamlining workflow, digitizing, going paperless, working from mobile devices, and electronically sending data from person to person will only get more precise, detailed, and effective as the years go on. Failing to adjust to the changing technologies could make some customers opt for more tech savvy companies.


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