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Dispatching with Mobile Technology

Posted by Andy Bagner on 2/16/17 12:44 PM

A service dispatcher is one that comes with a variety of responsibilities and requires a distinct skill set. Essentially, a dispatcher acts as the middleman between customers and the service technicians. Communicating with customers, setting up services, relaying information to workers, and keeping careful records of services and transactions. Below is a comparison how the daily routine of a dispatcher is different when service technicians are using mobile technology.

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Plan Ahead to Get Ahead with Mobile Technology

Posted by Luke Collard on 10/10/16 2:34 PM

Fall is an exciting time. The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisper, and the fiscal year is inching closer to a close, many home service companies begin to ponder the question, "how can I streamline operations, so my company can become more profitable?"


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Adding Mobile Technology to SuccessWare21

Posted by Adam Smith on 9/27/16 3:40 PM

Mobile technology is shaping culture around the world at an ever-increasing pace.  Whether you’re setting your fantasy football lineup at the last minute on the way to the game or catching up with that cousin of yours you haven’t seen in ten years and her adorable new baby, mobile technology allows us to be connected, informed, and precise in our everyday lives.  Why wouldn’t you transfer such capabilities to your business? Mobile Technology is revolutionizing the way field-service companies operate, boosting profitability, accountability, and customer satisfaction.  Here’s a short list of how combining SWRemote with SuccessWare21 can give your company an advantage in today’s uber-competitive environment.

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Top 10 Reasons why Home Services Companies use SWRemote

Posted by Luke Collard on 6/2/16 3:55 PM



We recently concluded a survey with our plumbing, HVAC, and electrical company customers with the end-goal of creating a list of 10 reasons why they outfit their service technicians with SWRemote.


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Calculating ROI for Field Service Software

Posted by Luke Collard on 3/8/16 3:27 PM


As the dispatch manager, you know your current process is not working. You and your team of customer service representatives are drowning in paperwork, invoicing, and taking calls from service technicians looking for customer information and previous job notes. There are not enough hours in the day and on top of that your company is not even in the busy season. You have thought about field service software, but you are worried you cannot demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) to your boss. Here are 3 areas for potential savings and revenue increase that can service as inspiration to successfully demonstrate a ROI  for field service software to your boss.

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