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3 Benefits of Customers Declining Work

Posted by Greg Dooley on 9/19/17 2:08 PM

Nobody likes to hear "No" from a customer.

When you've made a significant investment of time and effort to explain and present great options only to have the customer tell you that they just want the quick and inexpensive fix, it can be easy to take the work you've done, crumple it up and "circular file" it.

A better option is to get your customers and prospects to actively decline work you've suggested. Here are three reasons why.

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3 Steps to Improving Service Contract Attach Rates

Posted by Luke Collard on 9/6/16 12:28 PM


Where is the lowest-hanging fruit for home service companies to grow their bottom line by more than 10%? The answer lies in selling service contracts when a new customer purchases equipment. Service contracts are a powerful way to generate more revenue and the ideal time to sell a service contract is when the customer purchases the product. Home services companies need to ensure the offer is introduced early in the sales process and reiterated as appropriate throughout. 


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3 Reasons HVAC Service Agreements Get Rejected

Posted by Luke Collard on 4/29/16 12:01 PM


What does your service manager say when you ask how many HVAC service agreements your company has? Is that number reviewed monthly? Is it accurate? Is the number of HVAC service agreements growing, staying flat, or declining year over year? How do you improve the numbers?  Let's look at the 3 main reason HVAC Service Agreements get rejected by potential customers.





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3 Ways to Tune-up Your Profits Before Busy Season

Posted by Luke Collard on 4/6/16 12:45 PM


Opening Day for Major League Baseball is upon us and The Masters is this week, which means one thing, summer is coming.  For many companies,  summer means busy season and in order to maximize your revenue, here are 3 things you should examine before busy season kicks in to full swing.

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Increase Service Agreement Subscriptions with Mobile Technology

Posted by Steve Kiernan II on 2/29/16 11:34 AM



Service agreements are the bread and butter for many contractors. Residential and commercial customers alike benefit from the service, it provides your business with guaranteed work, and keeps the relationship going with your customers. If your business isn’t making the most of your service agreements, you’re missing out on significant revenue.

HVAC contractors aren’t the only ones who can offer service agreements to their customers. Water heaters need regular maintenance, too, and customers can benefit from a complete plumbing system inspection. Electrical contractors can also get in on service agreements by providing annual electrical inspections which can also be paired with discounted service if issues are found. Through annual maintenance or service agreements, contractors provide their customers with assurance that their systems are performing effectively and safely.

As equipment manufacturers are recommending annual maintenance for their systems, home and business owners are seeing the importance of a standing agreement. Even Angie’s List is touting the benefits of having a heating and cooling maintenance agreement in place! Using mobile technology, your technicians can become proactive in selling your service agreements, rather than passively waiting for them to call for a tune-up or inspection.

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