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How to Create Value with Your Club Memberships

Posted by Greg Dooley on 4/12/16 4:59 PM


A couple of weeks back I talked about how to properly charge for a service fee. This week I want to use a lot of the same principles but this time talk about the ever-important maintenance club Field_Service_Software_ClubMemberships.pngmemberships most contractors offer.

 When I discuss pricing with customers we eventually touch on their maintenance agreement memberships, or club memberships for short. Typically I work with customers to ensure their templates and pricing are correct in their back office system so that technicians can sell them properly out in the field. When doing so, I usually take a look at the different types of memberships they have and run down a handful of questions with them to make sure they are getting the best value, without over-complicating a good thing.

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Tags: Maintenance Agreements, Sales, Business Owners