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How To Attract & Retain Younger Technicians

Posted by David Thiemecke on 1/11/18 3:28 PM

Finding and keeping a solid reliable staff is difficult in every industry, however it seems there is always a need for one or two more techs in the field service industries. Job loyalty isn’t anywhere near where it used to be so finding new talent and retaining current employees can be an uphill battle. As older techs are retiring there needs to be a refreshed workforce.

Let’s  look at how technology can help you attract and retain new and younger “millennial”  technicians to your home services business

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[Vlog] How Does Field Nimble Help You Make More Money?

Posted by Chris Bushnell on 12/12/17 11:06 AM

Let's be direct.
The question we get most frequently is, "How will implementing Field Nimble's field service software affect my bottom line?" 

Well, I answer this question everyday for contractors and business owners, just like you. Watch my quick video to hear the answer.

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Case Study: Why On the Go Heating & Cooling loves working with Field Nimble

Posted by Stephanie Magnuszewski on 12/7/17 7:43 AM

On the Go Heating & Cooling is a small HVAC business in Las Cruces, New Mexico. 

I spoke to Sylvania Riveria to learn about the challenges she faced as a business owner and how Field Nimble has helped her business. Sylvania was one of the first customers to get up and running with Field Nimble and she was happy to share her thoughts on what working with our young company has meant to her.

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[VLOG] Get Up & Running with Field Nimble in 1 hour or less!

Posted by Greg Dooley on 12/5/17 9:56 AM

Deciding to try a field service management software is a BIG step.

Once you decide to go forward with your choice, you shouldn't have to wait weeks to begin receiving the benefits. That's why we made sure you can get up and running with Field Nimble in an hour. And be fully functioning on the platform in 3 days or less...

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[VLOG] Who is Field Nimble Designed for?

Posted by Greg Dooley on 11/28/17 9:00 AM



Steve Kiernan and I, the founders of Field Nimble, had worked with small contractors to implement software for 10 years before  we launched Field Nimble. We found many of the software systems we were working with, had robust feature sets geared toward large, industrial contractor companies.

But these features didn't translate into the needs for small businesses. And that's where the idea of Field Nimble came from.

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