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3 Benefits of Customers Declining Work

Posted by Greg Dooley on Sep 19, 2017 2:08:12 PM

Nobody likes to hear "No" from a customer.

When you've made a significant investment of time and effort to explain and present great options only to have the customer tell you that they just want the quick and inexpensive fix, it can be easy to take the work you've done, crumple it up and "circular file" it.

A better option is to get your customers and prospects to actively decline work you've suggested. Here are three reasons why.

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[Infographic] What is Good, Better, Best Marketing And How Will It Help Your Business?

Posted by Lauren Pszonak on Aug 11, 2017 3:51:45 PM

Good, Better, Best marketing is a common technique where you present multiple comparable products with a low price, medium price, and high price option.

The goal is to give the customer the chance to choose what product, service, or package best fit their needs. As a marketer, you highlight additional benefits of each more expensive tier or option.

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Spotlight Form: Precision Tune-up Form

Posted by Luke Collard on Jan 12, 2017 4:57:49 PM

A yearly furnace inspection will prolong the life of a HVAC system and help customers save on their energy bills. It is also a way for contractors to build rapport with their customer base. A Precision Tune-up Form allows HVAC companies to stay top of mind with their customers and to build rapport.  Scout powered by Pointman ensures that Precision Tune-up forms are completed thoroughly, with accuracy, and in a timely and efficient manner. The mobile checklist for precision tune-up takes away the need for paperwork records and minimizes clutter, thus simplifying the process both for you as the contractor and for your customers. With Scout, you can easily create and manage your tune-up checklists and benefit from leveraging several key features:


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Spotlight Form: Curbside Feedback Evaluation Form

Posted by Luke Collard on Jan 5, 2017 10:21:27 AM

Curbside Feedback Form plays a crucial role for service technicians to rate themselves after every job. Scout powered by Pointman ensures that curbside feeedback evaluation forms are completed thoroughly, with accuracy, and in a timely and efficient manner. Manual paperwork is virtually eliminated and curbside reviews are done electronically.

With Scout, you can easily create and manage your curbside reviews and benefit from leveraging several key features:


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Adding Mobile Technology to SuccessWare21

Posted by Adam Smith on Sep 27, 2016 3:40:34 PM

Mobile technology is shaping culture around the world at an ever-increasing pace.  Whether you’re setting your fantasy football lineup at the last minute on the way to the game or catching up with that cousin of yours you haven’t seen in ten years and her adorable new baby, mobile technology allows us to be connected, informed, and precise in our everyday lives.  Why wouldn’t you transfer such capabilities to your business? Mobile Technology is revolutionizing the way field-service companies operate, boosting profitability, accountability, and customer satisfaction.  Here’s a short list of how combining SWRemote with SuccessWare21 can give your company an advantage in today’s uber-competitive environment.

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3 Steps to Improving Service Contract Attach Rates

Posted by Luke Collard on Sep 6, 2016 12:28:54 PM


Where is the lowest-hanging fruit for home service companies to grow their bottom line by more than 10%? The answer lies in selling service contracts when a new customer purchases equipment. Service contracts are a powerful way to generate more revenue and the ideal time to sell a service contract is when the customer purchases the product. Home services companies need to ensure the offer is introduced early in the sales process and reiterated as appropriate throughout. 


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Service Tech Workflow: Documents, Technology, and People

Posted by Luke Collard on Jul 8, 2016 1:44:32 PM


It's not always easy to create an efficient workflow for large amounts of documents your business has to deal with. In order to get started with a new workflow for your company especially for your service technicians,  you need to check a few things. 

The first is which documents you believe are the most important to the success of your company. The second is what technology are you using to create, maintain, and store them. And the third is who are the people that use and care about them. Once you've compiled a list of the most important documents, assessed how they are produced, maintained, stored, and once you understand the needs of the document users you can look at the performance of your current strategy and see how it can be improved. You'll have to ask you and your staff questions like:


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The Year of Mobile Technology

Posted by Luke Collard on Jun 23, 2016 4:09:58 PM

According to recent research, it has been illustrated that home service companies that utilize mobile technology vastly outperform competitors in five key areas: effectiveness, service technician utilization, productivity, increased revenue, and increased customer satisfaction. 

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Should I add a Second-Task Rate?

Posted by Greg Dooley on Jun 14, 2016 1:02:14 PM

Sometimes I get asked about adding a second task rate – meaning a discounted rate for an add-on task to the customer.  My question back to them usually is – do you charge a trip / service charge? If the answer is yes then I am ok with a second-task rate, as typically the service charge covers the costs associated with heading out to the customer’s locations. If not, then in order to conserve margins I wouldn’t recommend the second-task rate, or at least too much of a discount with it.

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Should I have a Trip Charge?

Posted by Greg Dooley on Jun 8, 2016 1:22:23 PM

It’s an honest question, and one I receive quite often. Let me begin by explaining where this comes from. Part of my day-to-day job responsibilities is to work with contracting companies to implement mobile software for their field technicians, this includes working with them to setup the price book, decide best practices for the services technicians, and to then ultimately train their team to utilize the system, During which, this question pops up: should I charge a trip charge or fuel fee?



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