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3 Tips for a Paperless Workplace for Home Service Companies

Posted by Luke Collard on 10/26/16 3:48 PM

In field service, as in every area of life, there is no such thing as "truly" free time, there is only time used wisely and time wasted. Nothing wastes more time for home service companies than poorly filled out paperwork. Successful home service companies do not risk infuriating their customers with costly delays or mistakes by carelessly filling out paperwork. They have moved away from paper-based systems to efficient paperless solutions to boost productivity and to keep up with customer expectations. Less paper means more productivity for dispatchers and service technicians.

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3 Steps to Improving Service Contract Attach Rates

Posted by Luke Collard on 9/6/16 12:28 PM


Where is the lowest-hanging fruit for home service companies to grow their bottom line by more than 10%? The answer lies in selling service contracts when a new customer purchases equipment. Service contracts are a powerful way to generate more revenue and the ideal time to sell a service contract is when the customer purchases the product. Home services companies need to ensure the offer is introduced early in the sales process and reiterated as appropriate throughout. 


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Streamline Operations with SWRemote & These Time Management Techniques

Posted by Andy Bagner on 8/8/16 2:27 PM

With football season around the corner, no football player wants to get out on the field without a solid plan and neither should your service technicians.  Bolstering service technicians' productivity is a goal every service manager and owner tries to achieve, but if you don't yet have a plan, then your plan should be to make a plan.  Mobile technology can make this plan easier.  Here are three ways how mobile technology can give your service technicians a daily gameplan and streamline operations.

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Top 10 Reasons why Home Services Companies use SWRemote

Posted by Luke Collard on 6/2/16 3:55 PM



We recently concluded a survey with our plumbing, HVAC, and electrical company customers with the end-goal of creating a list of 10 reasons why they outfit their service technicians with SWRemote.


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Maintain Margins: Costing Out Consumables To A Job

Posted by Greg Dooley on 4/15/16 11:03 AM

Regardless of how in depth you are with managing your inventory, I bet you have had some conversations regarding consumables. Typically, that conversation revolves around getting a handle on consumables costs related to a job.

The next question is, "Is it worth the time and hassle to track consumables?"

Well, I am here to say, "Yes it is," and offer some insight on how I have assisted many contractors in doing so.

So dive into the world of costing consumables...

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