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4 Tips To Get More Reviews

Posted by Luke Collard on 2/1/18 6:22 PM


They’re elusive, and oh, so hard to get.

It’s not shocking that people don’t go out of their way to write reviews, because after all, you are asking your cutomers to take an additional step. And keep in mind, this is after they have spent money with you.

But positve reviews are one important way to gain online credibility for your home services business.

So how do you get more reviews?

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The Power of Reviews - How Much Is a 5-Star Review Worth to Your Company?

Posted by Luke Collard on 12/21/17 4:29 PM

Positive word of mouth is the best form of marketing for most businesses. Good reviews are a way that people can relate to your business without having a friend or contact having used your product or service before. In our previous blog, Help with Yelp - Making the Best of Your Reviews. we talked about a business’s relationship with Yelp, or other review sites and how to manage expectations with potential customers.

Read this post, where we discuss how to address the reviews - both positive and negative with your internal staff.

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Help with Yelp - Making the Best of Your Reviews

Posted by Luke Collard on 12/14/17 8:15 AM

Yelp… The necessary evil, the frenemy of all business owners, a constant frustration. Is that how you or your team would describe your relationship with Yelp?

Many business owners have felt strong-armed by the review company to advertise to avoid your negative reviews from being shown. Or are you one of the businesses that Yelp 'filters' out your good reviews? Or even worse, when you do get reviews, are you flagged with "Consumer Alert."

What do you do? What can you do?

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How to Deal with Negative Reviews About Your Field Service Business (and What to Do About It)

Posted by Keelin Burke on 4/18/17 10:46 AM

Picture this: A tech returns to the office after completing a complicated, lengthy job at a customer’s home. The job was completed without any apparent kinks, however about an hour later you receive a notification for a negative Yelp review regarding that same job! Shocked, you ask the tech why they didn’t let you know that the job had gone awry and customer was unsatisfied. The tech is confused and reports that the job went well, and that they were unaware that the customer had a bad experience.

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