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[VLOG] Connect SWRemote to Acquire for Powerful Proposals

Posted by Adam Smith on 3/15/18 9:35 AM

Do you already stay organized with SWRemote? Then this vlog will show you how to make more money with better proposals... 


As you know, SWRemote, the mobile application for Successware®21 gives you close control of customer management. Technicians have access to customer history notes before appointments so your techs have a better understanding of the customer’s needs. Knowing what the customer may need next gives you the chance to present upsell opportunities to generate additional revenue.

That's where Acquire can help!

Acquire is a custom proposals and presentations app that lets you create Good, Better, Best proposals using the customer information stored in SWRemote. Once a proposal is accepted, it will be imported back into SWRemote as an Invoice.  By linking these two apps, you eliminate the need for double entry when making your proposals, and you don't have to create an Invoice. 

Additional Benefits of Acquire: 

  • Create proposals from a template or from scratch on location
  • Make each proposal unique for the customer
  • Accept signatures right in-app
  • Easy to convert to pdf or email for customer review

 To learn more about using Acquire, either with SWRemote or as an add on to your existing business management system, contact us now, or see the package pricing we have for existing SWRemote users. 

Package Pricing

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