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[Vlog] How Does Field Nimble Help You Make More Money?

Posted by Chris Bushnell on 12/12/17 11:06 AM

Let's be direct.
The question we get most frequently is, "How will implementing Field Nimble's field service software affect my bottom line?" 

Well, I answer this question everyday for contractors and business owners, just like you. Watch my quick video to hear the answer.

Field Nimble will save you time, and therefore save you money. However, using our home services software can also bring in extra money on your jobs, and help generate more jobs.

What Does Preventative Management Mean for You?

Preventative customer management let's you to stay up-to-date on previous jobs, this allows you to offer tune-ups and other maintenance before your customer's request service. Not only does this give your field techs the opportunity to revisit customers for more jobs, but it strengthens the customer and company bond by ensuring your customer's equipment is ready for when needed.

Field Nimble helps you interact with your customers so they have brand loyalty to you. Making your first time customers, life-long customers is a clear sign of success - through preventative management, customer interaction and reliable service.

With Field Nimble life-long customer's happen one job at a time.

Learn More About Field Nimble

Additional Benefits of Field Nimble:

  • Manage your techs scheduling, dispatch, work orders, invoices, payments and more
  • Get paid faster
  • Field Nimble is scalable and grows with your business.
To learn more about our Field Nimble, Pointman's Field Service Management software, visit our Online Expo page.

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