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David Thiemecke

David Thiemecke
I start every day with “yes” and ask “why?” I love growing communities that help small business owners reach their dreams. As a serial co-founder of a handful of businesses with my partners since 1998, I’ve worked almost every job. I made tons of mistakes, listened critically, changed direction, and succeeded in SaaS, residential home services, healthcare, law, light manufacturing, and startups. No matter what happens, let’s get a beer after.
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You’re A Hero - Leave Room to Save the Day

Posted by David Thiemecke on 4/27/18 1:26 PM

The Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Document - How many emergency calls you get per week? Keep track of the opportunity cost of having vs. not having people on call for emergencies.
  2. Plan & Schedule - Figure out how much time you should set aside so techs can go to the emergency calls.
  3. Re-Examine - After a few months, you’ll know if you want to set more or less time aside for emergency services. You might even notice times of the week/month that tend to be busier (perhaps weekends have more clogged drains) and you can schedule accordingly.

Be the Hero | Pointman Field Service Software

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Tags: Scheduling & Dispatch

How To Attract & Retain Younger Technicians

Posted by David Thiemecke on 1/11/18 3:28 PM

Finding and keeping a solid reliable staff is difficult in every industry, however it seems there is always a need for one or two more techs in the field service industries. Job loyalty isn’t anywhere near where it used to be so finding new talent and retaining current employees can be an uphill battle. As older techs are retiring there needs to be a refreshed workforce.

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Tags: Employee Recruitment & Retention

Is Your Distributor A Resource? They Should Be!

Posted by David Thiemecke on 1/3/18 4:19 PM

Where do you to turn for support? 

Have you you thought of using your distributor as a way to grow your business? Because when you think about it, your distributor wants your business to succeed as much as you do; if you are getting paid faster and turning more jobs, you’ll be buying more. They win too!

If your current interactions with your distributor are only to submit orders, take delivery, and pay bills, you’re missing on an opportunity.

Let’s cover 5 things you need to know when you make your distributor a resource...

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Tags: Get Organized & Efficient, Referral Services

Tough Conversations (1/5): Turn Around Problems for Your Customers

Posted by David Thiemecke on 11/3/17 1:09 PM

How can I help a disgruntled customer?

When I started running customer service almost ten years ago, upset customers scared me. By the time the customer called me, he or she had already exhausted any patience with my office manager or field service manager and my hands-on team.

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Tags: Customer Delight

Can a Discount Increase Profits?

Posted by David Thiemecke on 10/6/17 1:13 PM

If you ask a technician who is just starting out to estimate the cost of a job, they will definitely take into account labor (the work they have to do) and probably materials. The tech might even include a markup for profit. Since you have to cover all the bills, not just the jobs, you know that there’s a lot more to pricing a job. Your everyday prices should reflect the value to a homeowner, but a homeowner isn't much different than that tech and will think about your invoice the same way the tech does.If they are debating the cost of a work order, will they use the same logic to question your pricing? If they do, do you consider a discount? A discount might win a good extra job, but how much can you afford to drop the price?Request Demo

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Tags: Pricing and Margins

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